Thank you so much for repairing my ring and matching up the diamonds of such an old style piece of jewellery. I an really thrilled with the result and appreciate the work that you put in to restoring it. – D Millar 10.03.17


Broken chains, rings that had to be cutoff or just no longer fit? Missing a clasp or a diamond? A little bag stuffed in a drawer waiting for “one day”? or an urgent repair before a big event? Something highly sentimental that you don’t want to leave with just anyone?

SS Impressions can bring your broken items back to new! You can watch while we work on your precious item or leave it with us to pick up looking brand new! Even if you have been told it can’t be done it doesn’t hurt or cost you anything to ask.

Removing a stuck ring? Please come see us before you attempt to remove it yourself! cutting or bending in the wrong spot can cause irreparable damage to your ring so stop your husband right now and do not let him attempt it with a hacksaw or side cutters. Ring removal is a free service!


broken wedding ring repaired and rhodium plated