• Are your diamonds conflict free?
      Yes! All of our materials are purchased from reputable Australian Suppliers guaranteeing that they are ethically sourced


    • How do I clean my jewellery?
      That depends on what your jewellery is made of, but if you are wanting to give your gold and diamond ring a clean we recommend a solution of hot water, dishwashing liquid and a little cloudy ammonia (found in the cleaning isle at the supermarket) swish your ring around and if needed you can use a soft tooth brush to get behind the setting. Dry with a soft clean cloth. For all other jewellery please ask us!


    • How often should my jewellery be professionally cleaned?
      12 months is a good base line, if you rarely wear your jewellery obviously less often and if you are hard on your jewellery more often is recommended.


    • Help my ring is stuck! How do I get it off?
      Give us a call and come in to see us, there is no charge for us to remove your ring … we’d much rather you don’t try cut it off yourself!


    • Why am I getting dermatitis under my rings?
      There are a few reasons you might be getting red and itchy under your rings but the most common two reasons are:
      1 allergies. Some people are or can become allergic to the metal in their ring. 
      2 moisture, particularly if you have a wide ring or are stacking more rings along side your original ring. If you are regularly getting your hands wet or sweating in the heat the moisture gets trapped under your rings and causes dermatitis. We recommend removing your rings and drying under them when you get your hands wet… but be super careful not to leave behind in public bathrooms or whee little fingers might snatch them up!


    • Do you buy gold or old jewellery?
      We don’t buy your gold but we certainly can remodel it for you! If you are wanting to sell your old gold we recommend you contact the Perth Mint and not the “gold buying” companies in shopping centres.


    • Where in Perth is your workshop?
      SS Impressions is located in Willetton, Western Australia. We are in the southern suburbs only 15 minutes from Perth City. 


    • Can I get my jewellery appraised/valued?
      We provide an appraisal with all of the pieces manufactured by us. If you have an existing piece you would like appraised we recommend HJ Haddy and Associates 


  • Can you work with my insurance company to repair or replace my jewellery?
    Yes! Please contact us.