About our Workshop… 

SS Impressions is a family owned and run Jewellery Design Studio based in the southern suburbs of Perth Western Australia, Willetton to be exact. Established in 2000, we are a boutique style jeweller with a state of the art workshop, we do not carry stock but rather custom make your piece to perfectly suit your own taste and budget.

We maintain, repair, remodel and create new pieces from scratch, as well as offering CAD (Computer Aided Design) and trade services. Check out the “Our Services” menu to find out more about each.

SS Impressions is strictly by appointment only, but don’t let that scare you off, we are a very busy workshop so making an appointment simply ensures we are available to discus your needs and not happen to be completely immersed in a fast approaching deadline when you arrive… after all who wants their wedding bands arriving after the wedding!

Perth Jewellery Design Studio

About Steven… Owner & Head Jeweller
(by Jodie… his wife)

Steven was born in Zimbabwe before immigrating to South Africa at a young age, he studied Jewellery Design at Capetown Technicon before an incident with a group of knife wielding stangers saw him seek the safety of Aussie shores (You can read about that here). It was right here in Perth that he met and married a lovely (and patient) young lady named Jodie, their girls Sammy (10yrs), Charlie (8yrs) and son Ryder (5yr).

Steven’s desk is a complete mess but he ‘usually’ knows where to find whatever it is he is looking for and if not he will just blame Jodie or one of the kids anyway, however, you really can’t judge the desk as his workmanships cover, he has a very strong sense of pride in his job… perfectionist is one way to describe his work ethic. Steven is hands down THE hardest working person I know, he is a problem solver, loves his job and his family… almost as much as his push bike ;)

He is serious when it’s called for but most often is entertaining the people around him with his tall stories and crazy antics, the vast majority of people that come across his path will have a humorous story to share.

Steven Jansen | Perth Jeweller



About Jodie… Invoicing, odd jobber, run-a-round and wife/mother
(by Jodie… thats me!)

Jodie grew up in Kalamunda in the Perth Hills and was enjoying a relatively normal life in sports admin (cycling to be exact) before a strange bloke set his eyes on her at the Midvale SpeedDome, she thought he was a bit too strange for her and brushed him off a number of times. Despite what he will tell you he persevered and well here we are today!

Jodie does a bunch of odd jobs around the place including our invoicing and logistics, she also runs her own business (Samantha May Photography). We are not quite your average workshop and our three little monkeys enjoy the occasional “fixing/working” at the work bench, decorating the white board as well as greeting customers and delivery people while making themselves “cars” and cubby houses right there in the workshop!